Cyber Security

Focus on your business, not on your cloud. Simple and flexible security and compliance for cloud-native applications across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes.

We provide Cyber Security Services for business enterprises that helps minimize risks, protect critical business information and most importantly, reduce the cost and complexity of your cloud infrastructure. With a complete suite of fully managed cyber security, our customers get a wide range of security services that help improve their security posture.

Our managed security services span your network, vulnerability management, analysis and monitoring. We extend your security operations to bridge people, processes and technology with 24×7 maintenance and support.

Our Solutions

cyber security

Vulnerability Management

Our product leverages 20+ vulnerability data sources to discover and prioritize vulnerabilities across your entire cloud estate within minutes of deployment.

Malware Detection

Our agentless scanning performs signature-based and heuristic malware scanning with no impact on cloud workloads to effectively detect and prioritize malware on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Detect and prioritize Misconfigurations

Within minutes, our products detects and prioritizes misconfigurations across your entire cloud estate, leveraging key compliance frameworks to help guard your environment against breaches.

Cloud Detection and Response

Our agentless Cloud Security Platform helps organizations quickly identify and respond to cloud attacks by continuously collecting and analyzing intelligence from cloud feeds, workloads, configurations and identities in a single platform.


Discover and prioritize cloud IAM risk

Our product detects, prioritizes, and continuously monitors for common and obscure identity and access management (IAM) misconfigurations across your public cloud estate to meet stringent IAM compliance mandates and improve your cloud security posture.

Detect sensitive cloud data at risk

We verify the security of your most important data. Our products scans your entire cloud estate to discover sensitive data that is not properly protected or has been compromised and prioritizes identified risks based on environmental context.

Shift Left Security
to Fix Flaws Early

We provides complete Shift Left Security for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates and container images from a single platform, ensuring that any vulnerabilities, secrets, misconfigurations, and malware are detected early in the development process.


Detect lateral movement risk

We detects risks and vulnerabilities that could enable lateral movement in your cloud estate and recommends remediation steps to strengthen your security posture.



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