Observability & Logs Analysis

Generate infinite insights for all observability data at scale – when and where you need them – with no limitations. Recklabs help optimizing customer network experience and network operations using machine learning and automation.

With increasing data, business users face challenges maintaining data reliability and velocity.  

Recklabs offers a unique combination of traditional monitoring tools with real-time analysis to continuously analyze all business data in your cloud environment. We integrate all your data into one platform to give you the tools you need to go further. 

You can freely connect your data in any format, whether structured or unstructured, from any source and visualize it with any syntax for extensive event correlation, streamlined troubleshooting and more.

Our Platforms


Rapidly scale your architecture to meet the demands of the market, balancing your infrastructure and application performance. Gain peace of mind with real-time alerting, even for custom applications and topologies. Centralize log analysis across servers and clusters in a single pane of glass.

  • Parse, transform & enrich data on the fly
  • Generate metrics from raw logs without indexing
  • Automatically cluster noisy logs into templates
  • Improve coverage & costs with the TCO Optimizer


Visualize all your metrics in one place and easily drill into the data to understand your performance. Data maps give you instant insights, including business-level logic based on all metrics, including infrastructure, network, security and application metrics visualized in custom data maps with no limitations on labels or granularity.

  • Correlate metrics with all observability data
  • Advanced alerting with familiar PromQL syntax
  • Build custom data maps to monitor system health
  • Remove the overhead of homegrown solutions


Accurately correlate event flows and performance bottlenecks across distributed architectures with comprehensive in-stream analysis of your tracing data and the full context of all of your observability data.

  • Monitor distributed data flows and latency
  • Visualize dependencies with full data context
  • Pinpoint issues with data filters and aggregations
  • Work with open source instrumentation


When it comes to protecting your organization from today’s complex digital threats, APT services are a must for large enterprises. With advanced threat detection and proactive protection, we’ll ensure your critical systems are up and running in the event of an alert from our team.

  • Dynamic alerting & automated incident response
  • Automated posture & vulnerability assessments
  • Threat detection with 3-click traffic analysis
  • Leverage Snowbit’s 24/7 expert security teams

Our Solutions

Log Monitoring

Analyze, monitor, and visualize your log data before indexing for proactive insights with no coverage or cost limitations. Master your application performance by unifying log data from any source for a single, centralized platform to manage and monitor applications. As log data are ingested, Recklabs instantly clusters millions of data entries in real time for deeper insights and faster troubleshooting.

CI/CD Acceleration

Accelerated pipelines and the fast-paced nature of software development mean more pressure to quickly investigate and troubleshoot issues as they arise. To help teams meet their goals, Recklabs enables full system visibility and can correlate real-time insights with specific releases without the restrictive costs of other solutions.

Cost Optimization

Data prioritization before storing or indexing data reduces monitoring costs while simultaneously improving system visibility. Data prioritization based on application, business and performance tiers allows efficient consumption of all the necessary data to achieve your goals from the most inexpensive – but least valuable – storage tiers to the highest-value tiers like Azure Storage, Presto, Redshift and more.

AWS Observability

AWS services and functions provide modern organizations the ability to scale and expand faster, while maintaining system reliability. To achieve this goal organizations must prioritize observability – the only way to build a resilient infrastructure.

Homegrown Alternative

Recklabs provides a fully managed analytics and observability platform that scales effortlessly so you can stop stressing about maintaining your homegrown observability stack and get back to the innovative projects that will drive your organization forward.

Contextual Data Analysis

Correlating contextual data with system health metrics can reveal sensitive information about the issues causing those errors. Get added context and deeper system observability by ingesting small pockets of data that can be correlated to errors and system health metrics.


Unfolding million Possibilties

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